A while back there was a war in Iraq. There were people who went there in service to our country. Some made it back ok, some did not. Some people stayed home and debated whether or not there should be a war at all. Some said, “Yes,” and wanted to support the goals and the men and women fighting. Some said, “No,” and stood in public places holding signs calling our country’s leadership unintelligent, among other things.

One day, years later, a particular homeless veteran sat on the ground in front of the supermarket. He clearly had not bathed in sometime, smelled somewhat like liquor and had a sign resting on his sleeping dog that said, “Served in Iraq. Anything you can give helps.”

This was a high walking traffic area, so hundreds of people saw this man every day. Some dropped a few coins or occasionally a Subway sandwich, but most people passed by with their minds on their day, their conversations taking priority or their face in their phone.

On one particular day, a recruiter passed by. Looking down with some compassion, she said, “if you clean yourself up, I might be able to get you a job.” He looked back at her embarrassed and depressed and said he would try. She told him, “There are no guarantees, but maybe I can get you an interview.” She left him her card and told him to email her when he was ready to be serious about it.

Not long after that, a union electrical contractor passed by. He too had been a vet and identified with the long term effects that serving in a forward area can have on a person. He stopped and talked for a bit. He said, “I know where your coming from, buddy. Transitioning back here can be a rough one.” The man was comforted, and knew he wasn’t alone in his difficulty.

The contractor said, “I don’t have any money for you, but I have a couple bucks left on this Starbucks card and you can have it. God bless. Good luck.” The man was hungry and hoped there was something he could get later with what was left on the card.

Late in the day, with a multitude of passers-by long gone and only few dollars to show for it, a Donald walked by. He was no ordinary duck: he was a Trump. He saw the man only after he almost stepped on him. He was a very busy and important man. Lots of people depended on him, and he was in charge of a great amount of wealth.

This particular Donald apologized to the man for almost stepping on him, suggesting it might be safer to undertake his business in a different location, where he wouldn’t get stepped on. The man said he had nowhere else to go and very little at his disposal to make a different place possible.

The Donald, knowing he could help, told him that he had a hotel nearby and that the man could stay there, get a shower and a good night sleep. He also said that there were a few open positions for someone who was a hard worker at that hotel. If the man wanted, he would hire him, knowing he was qualified from his service. He then took the man over to his hotel, got him checked in and told them that all charges to that room were to be sent directly to the Donald. The man began working for him the following week.


So, which one of these do you think was a true neighbor to the homeless veteran? My newsfeed is full of Anti-American sentiment, but more importantly, it is full of people who profess the name of Christ, being viscous about a Samaritan. Not just attacks, but decrying what they will tell their children about recent events. Christians who are out to vilify others, assassinate character, demand reasons for supporting someone and voice a variety of other commentaries are currently telling their children the idea that a Sovereign God was only sovereign if the election had turned out differently.

I challenge you, Christians, to love your neighbor. The example of love used by Christ, personified a Samaritan as the picture of what it was to truly love your neighbor. Someone that the expert in the law would have had the same visceral response you might be having at this moment. Will you show your children and the world around you that God is in control, or will you step forward unwilling to believe that God can use someone you might disapprove of as an example of what He wants you to be?


p.s. Thank you to all the men and women who have served our country. Your sacrifice makes the American way of life possible. God bless you all! Go Navy, beat Army! #veterensday